Wednesday, June 22, 2016

A comment on "The Sociopath Next Door"

The Sociopath Next Door should be compulsory reading at all high schools at universities in this city as a counterbalance to all that fake and poisonous "competitive spirit" that is portrayed as a good value in this society. Life is a complex continuum, not a competition. Taking every day as a race against everyone else in the long term generates chronic anxiety and other behaviour disorders. Only sociopaths can benefit in such an environment. That might account for the larger than world average number of sociopathic attitudes that we all confront  here every day, especially, but not only, in the working place. That might also explain why there is such a high number of  psychotics amongst the gwailos settling down in this city. That is why this book is so important for the rest of us, good people of HK: we should learn since the earliest age to defend ourselves and our loved ones from the damage that sociopaths bring around and we should learn to identify this mentally ill group of people which are masters of deceiving, flattering, manipulating and scarring others. And by no means we should ever accept their philosophy of life as a valid social value.

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